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Shred Ready Standard Half-cut

My 2020 Shred Ready Standard Half-cut has a nice fitting system. The rough fitting is done with fitting pads, after which a dial system will make the fit perfect. It has a low profile design and is CE1385 Certified. A great helmet for river running or playboating. Being made out of a ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) injection molded shell and a multi-impact molded EPP (expanded polypropylene) foam liner.

Supplied by

Predator Lee

Stylish and light high-cut helmet in carbon, with a longer baseball cap style bill as an integrated sun protector. With the included fitting set and a click-dial precision rear adjuster, the helmet can be easily customized. A comfortable closed-cell waterproof EVA foam is used to dissipate impacts. The Shell is made of high impact, Ralvek thermoplastic for increased stiffness and protection. Type examination according to CE EN 1385.

GoPro Mounts

Both helmets are fitted with a SP Gadgets ‘Stem Cap Mount’ for my GoPro
and a Loxx M6 Lower part to connect the GoPro tether to.

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