Marc's WhiteWater Gear Reviews



These are my Northern Lites BackCountry Shoes with Speedbindings (Color: Black Frame/ Rescue Orange Deck). At a mere 1360 grams per pair, and fited with the Speedbindings for getting them on and off quickly, these are the ultimate all-round snowshoes. Being 76x23cm and 1432 cm2, they are very stable shoes. They are rated to operate well upto appr. 113,5 kg total weight.
The Backcountry model works well for mountaineering, backpacking, hiking, and general use over uncertain terrain. Rather than using a heavy aluminum frame, Northern Lites use a thinner, lighter one, compensating for the lack if rigidity with decking that is 250% stronger and way lighter than regular. Why are they so strong, light and float so well? The technical specs are impressive:

  • Ultra-light Weight Aerospace Grade Aluminum Framing
  • Oversized “Duraluminum” Toe And Heel Crampons (greater strength and abrasion resistance)
  • Toughened Nylon Heel Strike Plate
  • Coolthane Decking (A super tough rip-stop nylon mesh, with great abrasion resistance and too slick for snow build-up.)
  • Toughened Nylon Deck Clips, act as perimeter cleats providing incredible traction.

Most important is, that these shoes are stable, offering great support, very manouverable and offer great traction, at the minimal weight!