Pots and Pans

We use Titanium pots and pans from different brands. This is gear meant for trekking and backpacking and thus has several great features for camper use: It’s light, it has moderate dimensions, it is nesting so it doesn’t require much storage room, it is made with very thin walls and transfers heat very efficiently, it is absolutely non-toxic and very easy to clean. I use titanium cookware made by Maxi Life, Silverant and Toaks.

PicoGrill 498 Barbeque

The PicoGrill 498 is a versatile and lightweight grilling tray for your basecamp, bike bag, camper van or boat. Boiling and grilling on 2 levels. This grill is offered with a selection of accesories, like skewers, grill grates and grill tongs.

EcoStoof (fuel saving) Slow Cooker

This is the modern version of the haybox, straw box, insulation cooker, wonder oven, norwegian cooker or retained-heat cooker: The EcoStoof. This might be the ultimate basecamp cooker. It’ll save loads of fuel and time!

Portable Oven

My Omnia Portable Oven is a great way to get all my oven based cooking done at the campsite. A Omnia enables me to make fresh-baked bread and delicious oven dishes directly on the camping stove. It basically is a circular container with a hole in the middle. The bowl-shaped base and the lid work together in providing heat to the pan from the bottom and the top. That creates oven-like heating.

Cast Iron Loaf Pan (Dutch Oven)

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This ‘Dutch Oven’ pot is a the Petromax Loaf Pan, made of cast iron, which distributes and stores heat outstandingly. Besides using it in the oven at home, this pan can make you an awesome bread on a campfire as well. cast iron has a natural anti-adhesive quality, which improves