Living outside

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Amok Skjold 10 Ultralight Tarp

This is my UltraLight tarp, which provides extra sheltered space. The Skjold 10 Ultralight is a true UL weighing a mere 520 gr, including the reflective guylines, stakes and stuff sack. The Setup options for this silicon nylon tarp include suspension between two trees, the use of trekking poles or sticks. At 380 x 300 cm it has plenty of coverage. The reinforcements with 210D Dominico Nylon with Dyneema RipStop and Hypalon corners makes this tarp extremely strong for its weight.


I own two of these awesome stools. The Comfort 55 model. These are the best little stools, weighing a mere 900 grams. Considering that we carry two chairs with use. These are our spare seats, in case visitors use our chairs.

Umbrella’s by Euroschirm

A day out to town? Roasting a chicken in front of the camper? Rushing to the outhouse? Here are the umbrella’s I like best.
My Birdiepal Outdoor (left): This is a nearly unbreakable umbrella, with some outstanding features, such as: a high-density fibreglass frame, double-stitching, wear-resistant safety tips, a ‘thick glove’ opening system, webbing loops to attach it to a backpack, an integrated floating compass, a mesh sleeve and it has (optional) reflective element on all tips.
My Light Trek Ultra (right): A 175 grams umbrella! Ribs made of aluminium and real carbon. Flexible and corrosion resistant. It has lightweight but sturdy polyester fabric with Teflon-treatment and double stitched seams. Whilst 27,5 cm small closed, it has a 98 cm diameter when opened. My version has the silver outside canopy providing UV-protection factor of 50+.

Kamik Boots

The Abigail Rain Boot (Beige Plaid) and the Forester boots (Black) are our vegan-friendly boots.

The Abigail women’s winter and fall boots feature lightweight rubber bottoms, for muddy patches and slushy sidewalks alike. These seam-sealed waterproof boots have a water resistant flannel upper, decorative leather laces and a moisture wicking fleece lining for added warmth. Weight: 953g per pair

The Forester boots are heat-insulated for conditions down to -40°C, 100% waterproof, oil and acid resistant. These are lightweight synthetic rubber boots with an adjustable nylon collar and a non marking, synthetic rubber sole. They have a removable 8 mm thermal protection and moisture-wicking inner liner made out of 100% recycled material. Weight: 2087g per pair. Height: 35.5 cm

Ombraz Armless Sunglasses

behind: Charcoal frame, with Grey lenses
front: Slate frame, with Yellow lenses

We use Ombraz Armless Sunglasses, the Dolomite, Polarized version specifically. These armless frames are the most practical ever. Well designed as they are, they fit perfectly, they are comfortabel and are very secure on the head. I use them with my helmets as well. Kayaking in a storm on open sea, walking high mountains, skying, kayaking whitewater: these are the glasses to use!

Vallon Freebirds Goggles

I use my Vallon Freebirds goggles not only for skying, but also for mountaineering and hillwalking. In snow and stormy conditions having goggles can be a game changer when hillwalking. They are fitted with top-of-the-range lenses from ZEISS. I use them as OTG (over the glasses) as well, but this depends how large your prescription glasses are. The warm tint increases contrast and enhances depth perception, while the mirror coating is anti-reflective and provides all-day comfort. The ultra-flexible TPU frame is lined with triple-layer foam, which forms to your face and offers superior comfort to other goggle materials. The polycarbonate lens from ZEISS is combined with an inner anti-fog lens from Italian experts Mazzucchelli. The strap is silicone-backed for maximum stability. The dual-layered lens has a spherical construction offering a wider field of vision, less glare, and less distortion compared to cylindrical-shaped goggles.

The lens is interchangeable and optional lenses are available:
Standard lens (15% VLT) The mirror coated lens is optimal for sunny and varied conditions.
ZEISS Orange (36% VLT) Using ZEISS’s patented SONAR technology, this low-light lens is revolutionary in its ability to enhance colors and contrasts, and to detect bumps and obstacles. A must-have when active in poor conditions. 
ZEISS Smoke (13% VLT) An optimal lens for bright and sunny conditions. The dark tint reduces eyestrain and maximizes eye comfort and relaxation. 

Proviz Classic Men’s Waterproof Jacket

The Proviz Classic Waterproof jacket is a fully waterproof and highly durable rain jacket designed for outdoor activities. The interior lining is made from recycled bottles by fabric supplier Repreve (each jacket uses between 7-9 plastic bottles). It has two outer chest-, two side- and one large back waterproof pocket and a fold away adjustable hood. The zip pulls and hard wearing cuffs with hook and loop attachments are big enough to be used with gloves. Being 100% waterproof (10,000 mm), breathable (10,000 gm/24hr), seam-sealed and fitted with waterproof storm zips, this jacket will keep me dry under all conditions. It weighs 600 grams on my scales. It has a fold-away adjustable hood. The well-placed reflective panels on the arms and back make you more visible when hiking or cycling after dark.

Proviz REFLECT360 Men’s ‘Down’ Gilet

This is my Puffer gilet. The Proviz REFLECT360 Men’s ‘Down’ Gilet, made out of 180g K7 synthetic thermal down material for excellent insulation. Being windproof, breathable and shower-resistant means it’ll keep me warm even during cool down, activities like setting up camp after a days walk. The REFLECT360 trim on front and rear, are highly reflective elements keeping me save and visible in the dark. The two pockets double as a very effective and warm muff as well. The body is long enough and the shoulders are wide enough for this gilet to be used for backpacking. All of the above only weighs 315 grams and is very packable.

Salon Winter Caps

Salon Lari Waterproof (left) and the Salon Lux Waterproof (right).

Both the Salon Lari as the Salon Lux caps are waterproof, windproof winter caps with taped seams and fold-down ear flaps. Lined with fleece they are comfortable and warm. The Lux has a faux leather visor top (keeping it clean in outdoor situations) and glove friendly adjustment. Both caps are very well made and durable.

Solbari Outback Sun Protective Shirt

My lightweight Outback Half Placket Shirt is a UPF50+ sun protective shirt, that blocks UVA and UVB rays.
The Technicool fabric is both comfortable and breathable. It keeps me cool and has great anti-odor properties. These are very practical shirts as they are easy to wash, they have two large chest pockets, buttoned rool up sleeves and a very comfortable fit. I particularly like the looks of the half placket. It is a 60% cotton fabric, so I primarily use it as an urban shirt.

Solbari Fishing & Hiking Sun Protective Shirt

This Fishing & Hiking Shirt, is the most practical trekking shirt I own.

Fishing for dinner at the Old Spey Bridge in Grantown, Spey Valley, Scotland.