I’m a enthusiastic golfer (low-mid handicap) and I find golf to be a great sport to meet people in a free and social way. The handicap system used in golf allows players of widely varying abilities to compete against one another. All you need is your golf gear and, occasionally, your handicap card and a world (literally) of opportunities opens. I also find golf to be a great sport to combine with camper travelling.

Docus Woods & Hybrids

RELOADED+ Driver 10° / RELOADED+ FW #3 15° / RELOADED+UT U3 20,5°

The Docus Design golf clubs are made by the Haraken company, one of the most respected golf brands in Japan and rightly so. Their outstanding quality and eye for detail, results in awesome playing clubs, second to none of its well known American rivals. These clubs cost more than average. Both club heads and shafts are targeted on discerning golfers with an eye and feel for high quality gear!


These Reloaded Plus clubs are fitted with Slugger T2, Stiff-Regular SR HS41 Flex, Mid kick point, shafts
Mid kick point shafts have a medium trajectory through the air. Low-to-high mid handicappers would benefit from this kick point depending on their swing and swing speed.
These shafts are a big contribution to the great performance of the Reloaded Plus woods. The consistent, easygoing swing and very predictable performance are providing confidence and secureness. Specs:

  • Driver shaft: 46″ length, Mid kick point, D2 Swingweight, 57 grams, torque 4.4
  • Fairway shaft: 43″ length, Mid kick point, D1 Swing weight, 52.5 grams, torque 4.4
  • Hybrid shaft: 40,5″ length, Mid kick point, D1 Swing weight, 65.5 grams, torque 3.2

Reloaded Plus Driver

This driver has a very straight shot with a high moment of inertia. It’s technology uses enhances head stability and a consistent straight ball flight. With a large 460cc head size, made out of high stiffness/density ratio Ti811 titanium, the center of gravity is kept low. Resulting in a moderate catch feeling and stable distance and direction. The DAT55 Titanium face produces high initial velocity, high launch angle, and significantly increases the forgiveness for off-center hits, delivering great distance. DAT 55G Titanium is a strong and durable Japanese titanium alloy.
The adjustable hosel can set your preferred Lie & Face Angle and Loft adjustment. The -1° face angle, the 10° loft and the 60° lie are all, individually, a full degree adjustable, both higher and lower.
The Spin and Bias settings can be adjusted by using the 2, 3 and 5g interchangeable weights. They can also add MOI.

From the start, this driver feels very secure, uncomplicated and easy playing, using standard settings.
Compared to my (Ping 4xx-series) previous driver, I gained some average distance of approximately

+3,5%. My average shot dispersion though, reduced significantly by an impressive -11,4%, for controlled unforced, hits. This driver has raised my performance well above the average for my age and handicap.

I use this driver with a square Face Angle, a Lie adapted to me and I adjust the loft regularly to suit wind conditions. I have not changed the configuration of the spin/bias/moi weights
For those interested: this driver is loud!

Reloaded Plus Fairway

Titanium is rarely used in fairway woods, due to the cost of this high-end material. The Titanium Cup of the Reloaded Plus FW’s face produces high initial velocity, high launch angle, and significantly increases the forgiveness for off-center hits. The internal structure of this club maximizes the sturdiness of the body allowing only the face to flex for greater distance. It has the fully adjustable loft, lie angle, and face angle settings by using the adjustable hosel. The aeronautical high strength and hardness 17-4 Stainless Steel body, gives the head a very solid feel.

Now this is a very comfortable playing 3-wood. A bomber from the tee. I have never been fully comfortable with my 3-woods on the fairway, until I tried the Reloaded+. This is a very versatile and easy hitter. The clubface has good proportions securing easy hot spot hits. I switch between the -1° setting for windy conditions or more roll and the +1° setting, creating less roll on par 3 holes and carrying the flight further.

Reloaded Plus Hybrid

This club has outstanding rough-performance due to its superior sole release. This club really benefits of the adjustable weight system enabling to customize the club’s head weight to fit unique swing characteristics. A channel in the sole increases the stiffness and stability and also provides an excellent spin rate and incredible feel. The aeronautical high strength and hardness 17-4 Stainless Steel body, gives the head a very solid feel. Titanium is rarely used in hybrid woods, due to the cost of this high-end material. The Titanium face produces high initial velocity, high launch angle, and significantly increases the forgiveness for off-center hits.

It’s easy to get used to this club. It feels right and effortlessly cuts through grass, as a true hybrid should. This club may well be called a ‘rescue club’, because that’s exactly what it does!
Another easy hitter, offering confidence.

Taylormade SLDR Irons

These Taylormade SLDR Irons are a lucky find for me. I use the 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, AW and SW clubs. These irons are targeted on players who want it all: to hit longer, higher and more consistent iron shots. They are traditionally shaped and sized irons using effective performance technology, offering forgiveness by utilizing a ‘Speed Pocket with ThruSlot’ on the 5, 6 and 7 irons, that enhances distance and launch angle.

Argolf Pendragon putter

Meet my Argolf PENDRAGON putter. This state-of-the-technique superior French masterpiece offers loads of stability and balance in a very consistent way. A combination of it’s weight and low center of gravity provides an exceptionally high MOI (“moment of inertia”) resulting in more accurate putts. In layman’s language, this means that the club offers more forgiveness, when you don’t hit the sweet spot, because it can resists the resulting twist on impact and thus reduces the effect of a mishit.
This mallet putter milled from single piece of the highest quality 7175 aircraft aluminum and utilizes the C-Claw technology to increase topspin and improve feel upon impact.

● Heel Mounted Shaft, 36″ length
● Shaft: Black PVD Galvanized
● 70° Standard Lie
● Argolf Oversized Black Pistol Grip
● Paintfill Color: White
● Carbon Black Headcover
● € 419 Retail

The Argolf Pendragon, at 405 grams is a very stable putter, with a soft feel at impact. The head will deliver the ball where you’ve aimed, offering superb precision on the green. It has clear lines (providing you choose a contrasting colour) that’ll help align the putter. Swing it back and let it use it’s shear mass to return to the place of address. My personal stroke hardly has an arc, which fits this putter, aimed at straight back and thru putting strokes. It has improved my putting enough to half my putting strokes!
It comes with a Black Carbon headcover. These are not cheap putters, but they are worth every Euro for sure!

The Kaddey Trolley and Bag System

Kaddey Switch Trolley

Now here’s the most well designed, simplest in usage and smallest in pack size golf trolley, ever: The Kaddey Switch Trolley. I consider this a far better option than an electric trolley, due to it’s weight, packability and agility. I use wth two of their most practical add ons: Winter Wheels and a (dedicated) Thermos Bottle. This Trolley is a Dutch designed gem, that has several decisive advantages over it’s competitors.

  • This trolley is designed to be as simple as functionality allows.
  • Due to it’s two XL-wheels, it is the easiest and smoothest trolley to push or pull.
  • Because the frame remains permanently attached to your bag, this trolley requires the absolute minimum of space. It hardly needs any more room than your bag and the wheels are packed seperately, easily stowable. Packability at it’s best and a must for those carpooling.
  • The permanently attached toolbox, will hold all the on course necessities that you’ll want close at hand. It even has a pencil sharpener and a selfie mode!
  • This cart is balanced in a way, that it needs no mechanical brake.
  • The wheels can be taken of with one single action. And can be stored in their own bag, keeping your car clean.
  • The dedicated winter wheels are of the absolute best functionality on and off the green.
  • The handling height can be altered effortless by altering the angle of the handle. This also helps preventing the handle and/or toolbox interfering with the clubs.
  • With two velcro straps you (once) firmly attach the frame to your bag. (Only one strap if you use the Kaddey bag.)
  • Being made out of high grade aluminium, this trolley can withstand the rigors of heavy usage, whilst weighing a mere 6,8 kg. And because the wheels (2,8 kg) are handled seperate from the frame (4 kg), one never carries the full weight.

So, what’s not to like? Nothing. This is super high quality and usability at a very affordable price!
Last but not least: Kaddey allows their trolleys to be returned within 30 days.

Kaddey Trolley Frame, standard- and winter wheels.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kaddey-switch-cartbag.jpg
Kaddey Trolley and Kaddey Cartbag.

Kaddey Cartbag

The Kaddey Cartbag is a well designed waterproof and very light golf bag. Made from light, waterproof, durable and easy to clean, tour-grade Synthetic Leather.
One of it’s design features is having a ‘Body pocket’ (for clothes, valueables and an isolated pocket for food and drinks) on one side and a ‘Game pocket’ (for balls, tees, gloves and whatnot) on the other side, making it very easy to locate and find gear. I use the isolated pocket for the obvious cool drinks in summer, but found the ‘winter combination’ of this pocket with warming pads to keep goods warm, or from freezing. The bag offers both umbrella storage and a ball retriever or alignment stick pocket. The 14-way top, supports 14 full length dividers.
The Cartbag fits seamlessly in a dedicated “Fast Lock’ slot on the Kaddey Switch Trolley. This results in the need of just one strap, wich you only have to set once, because the Trolley frame and Cartbag are one inseperatable unit. The wheels are very easy to take off/put on and can be stored seperately from the frame. This makes handling them very easy and they need very little space, because it decreases the bulkyness. Ideal if you need to fit several trolleys and bags in one car.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kaddey-dividers.jpg
Kaddey Cartbag Divider
Kaddey Cartbag Hood
Kaddey Trolley and Cartbag in Transport Mode

Kaddey Standbag

My Kaddey Standbag is of equal high quality as the other Kaddey gear I use. This mid size bag has exactly the right proportions, is lightweight, waterproof and has nifty functionalities. It has the mandatory hood and 7 way dividers. One of the countless features is the rotating X-Disc, which makes the straps ergonomically stable by creating adaptive weight distribution and thus easier carrying.
The Magnetic Rangefinder Pocket, a Drinks Sleeve (that fits the Kaddey Thermos Bottle), an Insulated Cooler Pocket, Ball Pocket with mesh Tee Storage, make this a complete bag. The easy Detachable Straps and Fast Lock bottom plate even allow it to be used as Cartbag with the Kaddey Switch.

Kaddey Standbag Upright
Kaddey Standbag Strap SystemKaddey Standbag Divider

Garmin Approach S12 Golf Watch

This is the simplest and most accurate watch I could find covering my on course needs. These are the limit of what I’m prepared to spend time on while on course and enjoy playing, being:

  • Keeping Score.
  • Measuring Distance to the Flag.
  • Let the watch automatically keep track of my shot lengths, using the C10 sensors.
garmin C10 Sensors


FootJoy Rain Suit

I use a FootJoy HydroTour Rain Jacket and FootJoy Hydrolite Rain Trousers, complimented with a DryJoys rain hat and RainGrip gloves. This suit is offers a 100% waterproof, breathable protection in cool, windy and rainy conditions. The unrestricted movement due to the usage of a lightweight and flexible layered fabric that’s stretchy, waterproof (20.000 mm) and breathable (15.000g). The trousers can be worn as sole trousers or as over trousers. It all comes with a three years waterproofness guarantee.

FootJoy Gloves

I use FootJoy Gloves all year round. I carry the WeatherSof (left) as a single all weather glove, a pair of RainGrip gloves for wet conditions and a pair of WinterSof gloves for cold conditions. Only the best will do!

GrooveFix Tools

GrooveFix is a British company, supplying (mainly) anodised aluminium golf tools and the famous Groove Sharpener. We use a red and a blue set of the tools below, that come as Mega Bundle in a faux suede pouch.

  1. LineFix360 ball line marker
    To draw a precise line 360° around the circumference of your golf ball, with ease.
  2. GreenFix pitch repairer
    A Pitch Repairer, with integrated Magnetic Ball Marker and Club Rest, all in one.
  3. A•Line ball marker/putt alignment tool
    Accurately align the direction of your putt with this tool, place your ball (using it’s 360-line) accordingly and put with confidence.
  4. GrooveFix groove sharpener
    The Ultimate Golf Club Groove Cleaner and Sharpener.
  5. ‘BIG’ ball marker
    BIG ball markers are the same diameter as a golf ball and will get noticed on the green without being too obtrusive.
  6. Carpet Cup
    Carpet Cup is exactly the size of a regulation hole and will ‘trap’ a golf ball that is hit on target. (Not part of the Mega Bundle.)

Sndway Rangefinder SW-1500B

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This awesome Sndway SW-1500B rangefinder offers 6X Magnification & Measures Up to 1500 Meters. I use this rangefinder for golf and sea kayaking. It measures and calculates distance, angle, altitude and speed. This golf distance meter can measure the speed of fast moving objects with an accuracy of 0,5 meters. The built-in pin lock feature allows golfers to easily identify their pin, ideal for measuring golf flags, hazards and wooded areas. This laser rangefinder has 2 measurement modes: Tournament-Legal Mode and Training Mode. It can automatically store 20 sets of data. Long press the “Back” button to access the records. This rangefinder is as complete as it gets!