Repair- & Maintenance gear

(Under Construction …….)


These FixPlus straps are the best ever for securing and bundling equipment. The one hand operating ties are an awesome solution to strap stuff to your backpack, into your boat, onto your boat, onto your helmet, whatever! All you do is lead the strap through the buckle hole, bend it backwards and hook it onto the to secure it. These come in loads of colours and lengths. FixPlus straps are tear resistant up to 90kg and are resistant to UV, Cold and Salt water.


I use these Texlock cable locks to secure kayak trailers, either to the (fixed) towing eye of my car, or to a permanent structure. Circumstances will make me use either the long or the short version. If needed, they can be coupled.. The eyelet with U-lock is Sold Secure Silber and ART2 certified, which means it’ll take several minutes (instead of seconds) to open it.

These are my go-to locks. The awesome Safeman-T and it’s little brother, the Safeman.

The Safeman-T is a heavy duty 1.85 meter long plastic-sheathed steel cable with Ø 10 mm and is continuously adjustable. It allows the use of one or two two loops and thus the greatest possible flexibility for securing, connecting and lashing. Safeman-T locks automatically. You only need the key to unlock. It stows neatly around the lock body.
The Safeman is very useful whenever you need a more flexible, smaller diameter, cable, especially when securing your boat, paddle and other gear during trips. But I always carry these when I expect a need for securing rented gear or ski’s, bikes and such. It’s small enough to carry in your pocket.I have different colour versions in use.

The Skoro Captis system

The Skoro Captis system is a, 200x100cm, multi-purpose webbing net. It is made out of well sewn polyester webbing, reinforced/layered at critical places. It comes in a looped bag. Among the countless uses are:

  • Rescue stretcher for carrying persons
  • Water Rescue Net using the Parbuckle technique
  • Ice Rescue Net
  • Emergency ladder
  • Cargo Lifting Net for vertical hauling of gear
  • Strong Cargo Securing Net on roof racks, trailers, sleds and truck beds
  • Hammock
  • Tree Swing
  • Car Towing
  • Climbing Rescue aid
  • Evacuation from Heights

At a mere 320 grams this is a piece of gear that might deserve a place on standard equipment lists for car camping, overlanding, basecamp, watersports (like rafting) any many other uses.