Standard Vehicle Essentials

Camper, Caravan & Overlanding Gear that we consider
exceptional, excellent, different and out of the ordinary.

After having owned a variety of camping vehicles, we are about to order what could be the ultimate camper (for us).

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loW8 Gas Tanks / Bottles / Cylinders

We used a myriad of the most obscure gas tanks. Recently we have been informed about loW8 gas tanks. At almost half the weight of standard steel cylinders, these ultra lightweight composite cylinders are the best available. They can be filled throughout Europe, so we will pack a Europe filling adapterset, to fill gas tanks with shell/din connection. We are strictly propane users, because we do a fair bit of winter camping as well.
We also pack a better-safe-than-sorry set of dapters and other peripheral gear.


Aykasa Crate system

We use an Aykasa crate system ‘Maxi-Box Comfort Lock’ crates, to store our gear in the ‘rear garage’ of our camper, made of polypropylene plastic, the are strong enough to carry the heavier gear like toolsets.
My Aykasa ‘Midi-Box’ crates, contain mid-sized gear, helping use to keep the interior cabinets organized. These are very sturdy crates, easily bearing 8 kg of gear, in 14.5 liters volume (40x30x17cm). They weigh 450g.

B&W Outdoor cases

I use these B&W outdoor type 1000 cases for my First Aid Kit and my Action Camera Kit.
I use a B&W outdoor type 2000 case, with padded dividers, for my DLSR Kit.

The exceptionally sturdy polypropylene (PP) that makes up the cases, combined with a dependable rubber seal, provides a IP67 rating waterproofness. It is stackable, dustproof, temperature-stable and airworthy (due to the automatic pressure equalization valve).

  • Type 1000 specs: Inner dimensions: 250 x 175 x 95 mm, outer dimensions: 270 x 215 x 105 mm, weight: 0.7 Kg, volume: 4.1 L
  • Type 2000 specs: Inner dimensions: 250 x 175 x 155 mm, outer dimensions: 270 x 215 x 165 mm, weight: 0.9 Kg, volume: 6.6 L.

Rollercam Cam Buckle Tie Down Straps

I use Rollercam straps for both on-water (River/Blue set) as off-water (Overlanding/Grey set) tying. Technically these are identical apart from the colour. The best feature, hence the name, is the use of roller, assisting the tensioning of the strap with far less friction, resulting in a much tighter hold.
My sets include a selection of lengths, made using superior high tenacity polypropylene webbing out of a heavy-duty T-135 thread. This makes them very durable in the harsh outdoors environments, with a tactile feel, even when the strap gets wet. The length of each strap is indicated on the strap (in feet).

Sena Expand Mesh Intercom

The Sena Expand Mesh is a compact communication headset equipped with technology allowing for easy group communication. This is a fun piece of gear for active sports, but has proven to be very usefull around the camper and on campings. We use it as part of our vehycle placement routine, at river crossings and for scouting campings for a good place.
In addition to the built-in intercom system, the Expand Mesh also allows for Bluetooth connection with a smartphone. This means it can be used as a handsfree device in noisy circumstances as well.
It replaces the set of walky talkies we previously used.