General Purpose Tools

(Under Construction …….)

Leatherman Multitools

I think, Leatherman defines the standard. The tools I use most for climbing-, backpacking-, trekking- and kayaking activities, are the ones above, ofwhich the Skeletool Multitool, the Raptor Rescue and the Skeletool KBX are my all time favourites. I use a number of add-ons, accessories and whatnot from Leatherman, like: the Tool Pouch, the Blade Sharpener, the Bit Driver Extender, and the Bit Kit Set.
In depth information can be found on my Cutting Tools page.

Fällkniven A1x knife

The Fällkniven A1x is unarguably one of the best and most reliable European high-end survival-, bushcraft-, military- and expedition knives. It is precision and quality at it’s best. This no-nonsense design has all the features a proper heavy duty knife should (imho) have. A reassuring, reliable knife, that can save lives. In depth information can be found on my Cutting Tools page.

Silky Saw

Here’s my Silky Pocketboy 170-10 saw. This is a practical and functional piece of kit and a must have on every camp site. The 17cm blade has a convenient length for sawing, whilst keeping the overall length practical. With 10 teeth per 30 mm it’s suited for both fresh and hard wood. I have an additional 20 teeth blade (suited for hard wood) for fine work like notching trees or making stuff. It takes less than a minute to change blades. It comes in a clear plastic case with belt clip.

Coolado Air Pumps

top: ePump
bottom: tPumpX, tPumpP & tPumpXL

The ePump is a volume pump to use with air sleeping mats, all sorts of floatables or your barbeque, up to a pressure of 0,6PSI. The tPump X and tPump P are portable ‘pressure pumps’. Air compressors capable of inflating tires of vehicles, bikes, wheelbarrows or other contraption you have. The tPump XL is the ultimate double ‘pressure pump’. An air compressor capable of pressures up to 6.9 BAR / 100 PSI, at up to 40 liters per minute. In depth information can be found on my Multifarious page.

FlowFold Tool Roll

This medium size Comrade Tool Roll is a water-repellent, lightweight, durable and reliable piece of gear. Eight pockets and an elastic loop to keep the tool roll bundled is all one needs. The medium is 48x40cm big unrolled. There are small and large versions available.

Fenix PD32 Flashlight

top: PD32 / bottom: E02R

My Fenix PD32 V2.0 flashlight may be very compact and light, but it is nothing short of being practical and exceeding all you need for outdoor adventures. Very powerfull, waterproof (IP68), easy on the battery, a well placed clip, a large operating window (-35° to 45°C), a usefull beam config (spot angle 6.8°, spill angle 62°) and lightweighted, it ticks all the necessary boxes.

Wuben H1 Headlight

My prime headlamp is the Wuben H1. It has outstanding waterproofing, it’s rechargeable, very robust/sturdy and has loads of power if needed. It has two light sources. A dimmable 1200/400/80/1 lumen main light reaching 125 meter and a 10 lumen (red/white) auxiliary light. This is an excellent headlight if a strong light is needed. This headlamp has a good fit, keeping position very well.