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Packs and Bags

Dry Bags

.HF Dry Bags

These are the dry bags that I carry behind my kayak seat. Solid, reinforced, dubble sided coating, sonically sealed, heavy duty PVC. These will last and can take the pressure.
I like the loop on the bottom to secure them in the boat, so I can access my stuff without taking the bag out of the boat. Ø 19 cm, H 40 cm.

Supplied by Kanocentrum Arjan Bloem.

Waterproof Waist Pack by Aquapac

This is my every day carry bum bag (fanny pack / belt bag / moon bag / belly bag) Whether inside or outside of the boat, this is where my personal essentials are. Rugged, dry and secure, easy to carry, easy to attach in the kayak and worth seeing. It has a IPx6 internal volume of 3 liters, including the easy access IPx3 frontpocket. There is a small zippered mash pocket and carabiner inside of the main compartment. The features:

  • Tough 500D polyester-reinforced PVC tarpaulin
  • Velcro strip roll closure
  • Splashproof quick-access pocket
  • Internal zippered pocket
  • The comfortable, breathable mesh padding
  • Matt black, with reflective strip
  • Weight: 370g

Drybags by Aquapac

Simple, heavyweight drybags with shoulder strap . These bags are of a super-rugged construction. Made out of 500D polyester-reinforced PVC tarpaulin, they can take a beating and will not easily damage.
To secure your stuff, roll the top down 3 times and lock the closure.
In the event this IPx6 dry bag gets punctured are otherwise damaged, they are easy to patch (PVC). These bags come in 4 sizes and 2 colours.

Waterproof Duffle Bag by Aquapac

My 70 liter heavyweight IPx6 waterproof duffle bag . Either to keep water out and protect my dry gear in wet conditions, or to keep water in under dry conditions (to protect the car interior, f.i.). With their Velcro and double strap/buckle closure these duffle bags will do their job. I throw these around whilst loaded to the brim. Being made out of the same 500D polyester-reinforced PVC tarpaulin as my dry bags, the are equally strong and durable. These too are easy to patch (PVC) if needed. The neon colour limits the amount of sun-heat they catch.

Aquapac is a European business specialising in innovative waterproof cases, bags and packs.


Magnus 50 by Fenix Protector

My Fenix Protector ‘Magnus 50’ backpack is a 50 litre backpack, originally developed for armed forces. In the balance between weight versus robustness, the robustness and abrasiveness have been given priority at the expence of a mere 200gr (compared to mainstream lightweight backpacks), rewarding the user with a everlasting and reliable pack. Unintended, I did put this pack to some vigorous tests, and it came out as a winner!
At first glance, this seems to be a pretty straight forward and basic backpack. One inner compartment and all the standard features. But, this pack is a modern version of all of those features we have known for years. Yes, it is a top- and front loader, it has a ‘brain’ compartment, belt pockets and all that. But the real gems are in the designed details. Like the hooks on the shockcord making it far easier to stow jackets and raingear. Like sleeves over the full height of the pack sides, for stowing tripods, tentpoles, fishing rods, walking poles, etcetera.
It also comes with three different types of zipper pulls (for glove wearing situations, bush situations and multi purpose ones) and clever fastners to tie loose ends of webbing.

Magnus in his natural environment.

Like most army packs, it is built for personalisation by means of add-ons, using various techniques like Velcro and Molle.
My first add-on is the water bladder pouch, with a 3 liter bladder, which can be hung into the pack with existing attachments and feeding the tube through a dedicated port.
The IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) is a very practical one. It consists out of two parts: a molle holder attached to the pack, and a detachable snap-buckle pouch.
There are several internal stuff bags as well that velcro onto anyplace inside the pack.
Fenix has hooking straps to mount things like your mat or sleeping bag on the outside of the pack, using special loops.
All in all, this is a pack with hidden modern features providing the extras that can make life easier on the trail.

See how I pack this backpack on my YouTube channel.

Fenix Protector is a European business, developing and manufacturing equipment for extreme conditions for more than 25 years. It’s owner Martin Hanuš, has an extensive knowledge and history as it comes to mountaineering and whitewater sports.

Skandika Bogong

Here’s my second pack, a Skandika Bogong 45+10. A straight forward pack with lots of compression straps and seperate compartments, making it versatile. It’s easily adjustable to your size. It’s a mid-weight pack, at 2kg. Top and front loading, with the option of dividing the maincompartment in two. It has a raincover in a pocket underneath the pack. The option to employ extra space is a plus. It has no belt pockets, but the brains compartment is big! (The amount of zips and straps can be slightly impractical, and some of the zippers don’t run as smooth as you’d want.)
It is tailored slim and high, especially with the hood/brains fully packed, making it very usefull for alpine sports.
Overall, this is a decent versatile pack at a very fair price!

See how I pack this backpack on my YouTube channel.