Kayak Clothing

Stohlquist X-Traxt -D Rescue PFD

Stohlquist X-Traxt -D Rescue, with NRS Co-Pilot Knife
and a Level Six Cow Tail with Prijon biner.

Fully accessorize-able lead paddler’s rescue vest is UL listed and USCG approved for livebait and strong-swimmer rescue procedures. Features an 1100 lb. tensile tested, built-in body harness and a center back-towing anchor point for added control and stability to the rescuer. Features three “Modes of Operation” versatility for a variety of rescue situations.

  • Shoulder Strap Tensile – measures the strength of the shoulder strap, the adjustment hardware and the assembly to the body of the vest. The minimum to pass the test is 150 lbs. per shoulder. Each Stohlquist vest tests to 300 lbs. per shoulder–double the standard strength! (X-traxt™ 1100 lbs. / shoulder.)
  • 300-pound zipper tensile – Vest horizontally mounted from an iron form with 300 lbs. attached perpendicular to the slide of the zipper. The effective load applied is transferred to all of the seams, giving you confidence in your PFD.
  • 1100 pound slip / 25 pound release – What do you know of that weighs 1100 pounds…a horse, maybe a small car? Imagine hanging that mass from our building’s steel girders attached only by our Quick Release “QR” belt. Guaranteed minimum slippage at 1100 pounds, yet made to release quickly and easily with no more than 25 pounds of pull on the “QR” release tab.
  • Strong-Swimmer harness – Use with the QR Belt™ and Re-traxt™ tow system for rescue and water extraction.
  • Crotch-harness capable – Add one 6 footer cam strap to your rescue kit. Position it’s Ancra buckle at front for easy release. Adds an extra measure of security for particular rescue situations.


Shred Ready Standard Half-cut

My 2020 Shred Ready Standard Half-cut has a nice fitting system. The rough fitting is done with fitting pads, after which a dial system will make the fit perfect. It has a low profile design and is CE1385 Certified. A great helmet for river running or playboating. Being made out of a ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) injection molded shell and a multi-impact molded EPP (expanded polypropylene) foam liner.

Supplied by Kanocentrum Arjan Bloem.

Predator Lee

Stylish and light high-cut helmet in carbon, with a longer baseball cap style bill as an integrated sun protector. With the included fitting set and a click-dial precision rear adjuster, the helmet can be easily customized. A comfortable closed-cell waterproof EVA foam is used to dissipate impacts. The Shell is made of high impact, Ralvek thermoplastic for increased stiffness and protection. Type examination according to CE EN 1385.

GoPro Mounts

Both helmets are fitted with a SP Gadgets ‘Stem Cap Mount’ for my GoPro
and a Loxx M6 Lower part to connect the GoPro tether to.


V-Shark Knit Waterproof Shoes

We use the extremely comfortable Black Warrior– and Pearl White versions of these V-Shark Knit Waterproof Shoes, made by V-Tex. These are the ultimate in summer waterproof shoes, being breathable and lightweight. We can wear these all day without them getting too hot. The won’t stand climbing rocky portages, but they will be the most comfortable and good looking boots for all other applications. They are Waterproof, Breathable Nanotech Knit, Lightweight (488 grams), 360° 3D Seamless Knit, Stain Proof, Sand Proof, Cold Resistant, Wind Proof, Heat Resistant and Anti Bacterial. What more do you want?

Xero Aqua X Sport Shoes

We both use Xero Aqua X Sport Shoes. These are ‘barefoot’ shoes, with a non-elevated (zero-drop) heel and superb flexibility to let your feet bend and move naturally, low-to-the-ground for balance and agility. These shoes are perfect for (3-season) paddling for several reasons:

  • They are super comfortable. They will stay comfortable all day in the boat.
  • It sheds water extremely easy with it’s open mesh upper and a non-absorbent tongue.
  • At just over 200 grams each they are super lightweight and barely any heavier wet than dry.
  • The flexible 5.5mm FeelTrue sole and 3.5mm dual chevron lugs provide all-terrain traction both on wet rock as on portages.
  • The wide toebox feels great inside the kayak against the foot pedals/board, as the toes are free to spread freely.

Aquadesign Norma Neoprene Socks

I use these socks inside my boots during cold conditions as thermal isolation for my feet. 3 Panels neoprene, wth glued and blind stitched seams

Supplied by Kajak.nl.

Hiko Zephyr Anorak

Feather light short sleeve paddle cag was carefully constructed to reduce the amount of seams to reduce the weight to minimum. It is designed for racing but can be used for recrational paddling in white or flat water. The material combines low weight with excelent characteristics. It’s made out of Carboflax with celulose base. The inner layer has a special coating that allows the material slide smoothly on bare skin. Neoprene cuffs and collar are constructed from thin and flexible Neospan for more comfort.

Supplied by Kajak.nl.

Hiko SLIM.5 shorts

Half length pants provide comfort when sitting. Higher waist line provides protection of lower back. Just 0.5 mm thin neoprene gives you the feeling of wearing a second skin. Neospan is extremely flexible so it does not restrain movement. Slim products are great to use on a cold summer day during a long stay in the water to avoid the shivers. Designed for tighter fit resulting in higher insulation.

Available at Kanocentrum Arjan Bloem

Spreu Boote Neoprene Jacket

A 3mm thick neoprene jacket providing great protection against the cold weather elements and in winter conditions. Thanks to the new elasticity of it’s neoprene, the jacket has a comfortable fit without chafing.

Available at Kanocentrum Arjan Bloem

Rooster Combi Gloves

The Rooster Combi Gloves are the warmest kayaking gloves I have ever owned! The combination of an all weather neoprene glove, with an aquafleece (polyurethane outer layer with a fleece inner layer) mitten against windchill, makes the ideal winter glove. The use of Amara (an synthetic leather) on the palms gives loads of grip when wet and is durable enough to withstand a lot of paddling. The mitten can be tucked away neatly into a handy pocket on the top of the glove when not in use. The pocket can also double up as a storage pocket for heat pouches. Water is kept out by velcro secured neoprene cuffs. I use them both on and off the water.

Photo montage of the two usage options.

Rooster Sailing is a European company with a real good sense for innovation and quality. Visiting their website, you’ll notice they’ll trick you into thinking they are all about sailing (and they are), but Rooster has loads of kayaking-friendly gear if you have an eye for it.

Megmeister Drynamo Baselayer

For me, a baselayer is the important start of being warm (while active). It needs to wick moisture fast and offer thermal insulation.
My Megmeister Long Sleeve Shirt and Tights have a feature that’s very important for us paddlers: they are completely seamless, 4 way stretch and label free inside! That means no irritation around the arms (or anywhere else). The 4 way stretch also gives a nice amount of support/tightness that feels good and makes wearing them underneath other layers comfortable. They are Anti-odour, antibacterial and very reasonably priced!

This baselayer can be used on their own or as part of a layering system:

  • Single Layering
    When sunny and relatively warm water, these are fine to wear on their own.
  • Layering with a cag
    When wearing a cag and paddling cold water, these offer a nice warm layer underneath your jacket.
  • Layering With a Sleeveless or Short-Sleeve/Shorts Wetsuit
    Used as a quick-dry top underneath your wetsuit to cover exposed areas of your arms, a long-sleeve base layer top works well for warmth.
  • Layering With a Dry SuitBase
    A dry suit doesn’t feel nice and is cold to the touch, so you’ll definitely need noncotton long underwear, helping to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable. You might need the winter version of this shirt and an additional fleece layer though.

Megmeister is an awardwinning EU company and is supported by elite athletes. They are the developers of Drynamo. This is a yarn especially designed for sport and has excellent moisture wicking properties, is ultra lightweight, insulating, breathable and super hygienic.