We allways have kayaks with us, where ever we go. Using every opportunity to get on the water, to change perspective and reach different places. Either by canoe, or by inflatable kayaks.


I’m a enthusiastic golfer with a handicap of 15.5 WHS and I find golf to be a great sport to combine with camper travelling. All you need is a set of golf clubs and, occasionally, your handicap card. The most convenient thing would be if my partner liked to play golf, which she doesn’t. When we come across an interesting golf course, I book tee time and will be paired to other players. To me, getting to know people (though fleeting and ephemeral), is a nice aspect of the golf sport.


One of my ultimate favourites is multi-day trekking. My interpretation of ‘trekking’ is to go out for a long walk in the mountains. The duration of which is only limited by the weight/load that I am able and choose to carry. So, Gear + packed Consumables + additional Hunting & Foraging, determines the length of my trip.
You’ll find extensive information on Trekking/Hiking and Camping elsewhere on this website.


When Trekking, I do not fish for pleasure, nor as a sport, but for the proteins. When out with the Motorhome, I do fish for pleasure and for food. The Tenkara gear I use is focussed on fishing smaller fish (pan-fish), on creeks and small streams. This, typically, are small fish like Trout, Perch, Bluegill and sunfish.
Tenkara fly fishing is a type of fishing, using ‘simple’ gear and thus extremely usefull for backpacking and kayaking. All you need is a rod, line and a fly (no reel).