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My collection of favourite Single Malts.

Highlighted: Lagavulin 16 Years Old. Slàinte!

‘The king of Islay’
Colour: Gold
Nose: A deep tar and rubber, then oranges and walnuts from the sherry, seawater, dried kelp, black olive brine and lapsang souchong. I find this impeccable and unique.
Mouth: Excellence. Bright and rich, tarry, with excellent sherriness, liquorice, salt, olives, marmalade.
Finish: Smoke and olives, touches of curry and cardamom. Perfect.
Comments: Lagavulin 16 is one of my go-to malts. It is also the whisky that I carry in my outdoor flasks.

Tuath Irish Whiskey Glasses

These are my Tuath Irish Whiskey Glasses Its slightly wider opening and flared top lets more of the alcohol vapours flow out allowing us to nose the centre of the glass without alcohol burn, while still allowing the whiskey to express its hidden aromas and flavours. Its iconic short stem provides a secure anchor for the thumb, allowing for swirling, viewing and nosing. The base allows the glass to rest on its side which increases the surface area of the Whiskey enabling it to open up and breathe more quickly, similar to a decanter.
These premium glasses is made from unleaded crystal and is dishwasher safe.
Tuath ‘Black Edition’ Whiskey Glass: This black glass is perfect for blind tastings, as it removes the visual cues that can cause a biased judgement.

Silverant Titanium Hip Flask

This compact Titanium Hip Flask has a handy flip mechanism securing the flask’s cap. A food-grade silicone seal makes it leakproof. It comes with a titanium funnel for easy filling. As Titanium is biocompatible, non-toxic, and non-allergenic it will not impair your drink. 220ml/92g.

Vegan Food
for Kayaking / Backpacking / Hiking

Eating ‘animal cruelty free‘ is paramount!
The length of kayaking/backpacking/hiking trips is set by the amount of food I can bring, as my other gear is pretty much as small and as light as I can afford and want. Having said that, in general, the maximum length of my trips is approximately two weeks. Two weeks of food could weigh up to 7 kgs and could contain these:

Coffee by The Brew Company

This The Brew Company “brew-in-the-bag” enables me to make freshly brewed coffee wherever I am. This no-compromise coffee is made with fairtrade, hand-roasted beans, with full traceability of the coffee origins. No-compromise mean it’s the next best coffee after French-pressing your self grinded coffee. This is the most delicious coffee, ever, available for on-the-go making. It comes in loads of tastes and there is even a tea-version available. I personally like a strong coffe, so the Medium/strong tastes suit me best. The strength of your brew is determined by the amount of water and the soaking time. Very easy.

Vegan Freeze-Dried Backpacking Meals

Trail Organic Food

Trail meals are made from 100 % certified organic ingredients. They use low-profile, stable bags, that can be used with an ordinary spoon! They also use minimum packaging space, both in your backpack ánd in your waste bag. These two Danish chefs claim to offer meals where taste, smell, consistency, and color play a main part of the experience. I can support that claim. Their meals have a long shelflife, they taste excellent and they come in two vegan variations:

  • Vegan Pasta Ratatouille
  • Vegan Daal with rice

DryTech Real Turmat

Real Turmat is the outdoor meals line, made by DryTech in Norway, based on the Scandinavian kitchen.
The first and most obvious about their products is the vacuum packing, which makes it unnecessary to use an oxygen absorber and it makes it possible to see that the bag is sealed and tight. This also reduces the size of the bags, but also makes them more rigid and thus not necessarily more ‘packable’ or ‘readable’. The food tastes good and they offer a couple of vegan meals:

  • Chili Stew with Beans
  • Sqash and Sweet Corn Casserole
  • Thai Red Curry

Adventure Food

Adventure Food is a Dutch company started by, Hans van der Meulen, an experienced expeditioner. (Climbed the Mount Everest, walked to the North Pole on foot, etcetera.)
They make calorie management easy, because all Main Meals and Expedition Breakfast are 600 kcal. They offer pan-European food that will suit many tastes. The food tastes good and these are their vegan meals:

  • Veggie Couscous
  • Pommes Abricots Compote
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Brown Bean Soup
  • Energy BarSeeds

Adventure Food offers an (unsolicited)
9% introductory discount for my visitors in their webshop.
The code is: White Water Gear